WDNR Update on TFFTL docks, roads, and dikes

Since the TFSWA docks are now taken out of the water entirely in the fall to prevent winter ice damage, we will have to wait until the road limits come off and the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest dock crew can get their equipment up here before the docks can go in this spring. That means it’s unlikely the docks will be put in before the fishing opener May 4th.

The Dike 10 project will finish up this spring. After the road limits come off Ross Construction will do the finally grading on the dike/road, then Pitlik and Wick will do the paving. We expect Sportsman’s and Robinson’s Landings to be fully open to the public during final construction.

Road grading for Fisherman’s, Sturgeon Bay and Trude Lake landings will occur after the road limits come off and we can get equipment in to do the work.