The WDNR is proposing an amendment to the Master Plan for the Turtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area (TFSWA) that would permit the construction of new ATV trails in the area. You can go here to get more information – information on proposed changes to the TFSWA Master Plan. As you may know, we surveyed our members in 2014 about this and other issues. You can go elsewhere on our website to find a detailed synopsis of this survey. Because over 80% of our members opposed new ATV development in the TFSWA, we have taken the position to oppose such a development.

Elsewhere on our website you can read a copy of a letter that we recently sent to the DNR on this issue. We have also informed our legislators about this issue.

We encourage everyone to complete this online or mail-in questionnaire Questionnaire at the bottom of this page. The DNR will consider written and online responses to their survey, but even more important are for people to write detailed letters giving reasons for opposing the proposals. Just a paragraph or two will carry far more weight than a survey response. All responses must be received by Feb. 4. Send all communications on this issue to John Pohlman – LF/6, WI DNR, P.O. Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707‐7921,