Update of TFF Facilities Autumn 2020

From Beth Feind, Property Manager, Turtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Parks and Recreation

Docks- We plan to remove docks October 16-18th. If we cannot remove all of them on our own that weekend we will be using the assistance of the NHAL crew, removing the rest by the end of the month.

Murray’s Landing- Rock has been added, per my request, by the Town of Sherman, to help prevent more washouts to the parking lot and the landing. If anyone notices anymore big washouts here please let me know.

Trude Lake Landing- Rock was added to correct a power-load hole and to secure the sides of the concrete ramp. We were receiving a few complaints about this, so if you hear anything you can let them know it is done…

Fisherman’s Landing- Rock was added to the large washout area on the soft launch side and should help with the problem in the future.

Murray’s Landing Rd. project.- Jake from the Town of Mercer said that the road will be graded and left for the winter and paved in the Spring. There could be a slight chance they could have it paved by this fall but he is unsure at this time-tba.

Dumpsters at landings– Dumpsters will be chained, locked and signed (closed for the season) by the end of October. This is new from previous years. We would usually bring the dumpsters back to the shop. But we are testing out a “less labor” method this year.

Campsites- Group campsites close Oct.30th. No one is allowed to use them after this time. Bathrooms will be locked.  Regular (Family/Rustic) campsites are open and may be utilized during winter months if people really want to use them. Hazard tree cutting at our campsites is almost completed for this year.

Vault Toilets– Our boat landing vault toilets will be pumped Oct. 19th in cause you see a truck out and about. Murray’s landing vault toilet will be locked when the snow fly’s, the other 2 vault toilets at Springstead and Fisherman’s will remain open as of right now.

Trails- All trails have been inspected (hazard trees removed) and mowed. Except, Wilson Hills Trails still needs mowing- the condition of the road needs to improve (dry out) before this happens. Hidden Rivers Trail and Deadhorse Trails are also being maintained by ICORE and are in excellent condition-complements! Little Turtle Trail was mowed by MECCA- Greatly appreciated!