TFF Water Level and Discharge Information

Members have been reporting problems getting current data when using the link to Xcel Energy for TFF elevation and discharge.  Depending on search engine and/or web browser used, results from several different dates come up.  We have reported this issue to Xcel and they are working on it, unsuccessfully to date. 

To get the most recent TFF elevation and discharge data, we have found these steps work best:

  1.  Go to the “BING” search engine (not Google). –
  2.  In the search box type:  “Xcel Energy Hydro Level”.
  3.  The first item is a link to the Xcel page for Hydro levels, click on this item for most recent data.

 Thanks to everyone for using this “round-a-bout” method for accessing current information, we will continue to work with Xcel to correct these problems.