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Agenda for the Annual Membership Meeting on June 18, 2022

The Annual Membership Meeting of the TFF-TL POA Inc. will take place on Saturday June 18, 2022 at 10:00 a.m., at the Mercer Community Center, 2648 W Margaret Street, Mercer Wisconsin, 54547


1. Preliminaries

Call to order, introduction of Board members, agenda
Self-introduction of members, Determination of Quorum
Minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting of June 26, 2021, motion to approve
Treasurer’s Report, motion to approve

2. Elections

Below are positions/offices where election will take place at the Annual meeting.
(B) means a …

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Proposed zoning change NOT approved

On March 15, 2022 the Iron County Zoning Committee met at the courthouse in Hurley, WI to discuss a change in the shoreland zoning ordinance at the request of a developer. This request would have modified the definition of “lot” by permitting a greater building density on certain lake and riverfront properties.  The Iron County Zoning Office presented an analysis of WI counties showing that 40 of the 72 counties have a similar “lot” definition …

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Proposed Zoning Change to Iron County Shoreland

Background on Proposed Shoreland Ordinance Change In Iron County, WI

Iron County’s current shoreland zoning ordinance contains some limits on shoreland development in Iron County. The ever-changing view from our lakes is a good indicator that the County’s ordinance allows owners many opportunities for development. But the zoning ordinance can also limit the most intense and harmful development. It is a balance that has helped retain the character of our lakes that we all appreciate. These …

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TFF Water Level – 2021 Summary

The 2021 open water season on the TFF will be remembered for close to average water levels up to mid-July, but starting in mid-July and continuing to late-October, precipitation over the TFF watershed was between 25% to 50% of normal, which had a significant impact on TFF water levels.

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