Minutes of the Annual membership meeting on June 18, 2022

  1. Preliminaries
  • Call to Order: Randy Schubert, President, at 10:10 AM
  • Attendance: Board:  Randy Schubert, Jeff Malison and Todd Jirous

Members and guests: Jim Kohl, Mary Kohl,  Becky Jirous, Leann Malison, Harold Clark III, Janet Clark, Jean Burns, Maryann Brown, Gail Ondresky, Anne McComas, Jeff Wilson, Kal Patzer, Robert Melvold, Roger Nelson, Mary Nelson, Amy Nosal, Arnie Popp, Rita Solberg, Jim Solberg, Tom Mobray, Beth Feind, Betsy Wulff, Rusty Wulff, Rick Heinritz and Lee Bauman

A quorum was present.

  • Members and Board members introduced themselves.
  • Minutes of the June 26, 2021 Annual Meeting were presented by Todd Jirous, Secretary. The minutes were approved without correction. These minutes will be filed and posted on the website.
  • Treasurer’s Report was presented by Tom Mowbray, on behalf of Kurt Wolff. As of June 16, 2022 we have $19,507.93 in the general fund. The full report with itemized expenses will be posted on the website and filed with the minutes of this meeting.  A move to accept the Treasurer’s report was made and seconded. The Treasurer’s report was approved without correction.

We are actively looking for a new Treasurer to replace Kurt W., as he had taken a role with the Town of Sherman.

  1. Elections: the following positions are open for election: The board presented a slate to fill these positions as follows:

President:  The Board nominated Randy Schubert, and there were no other nominations, so Randy is re-elected

Vice President:  The Board nominated Jeff Malison and there were no other nominations, so Jeff is re-elected

Director:  Jean Burns is elected for a one year term

Director:  Jim Kohl is elected for a two year term

Director:  Randy Payne is nominated by the Board, there were no other nominations, so Randy P. is re-elected

  1. Presentation

By Amy Nosal who was instrumental in helping to coordinate the recent Survey.

  • First survey was in 2001, with an emphasis in water quality. The following surveys were done in 2009, 2012 and most recently in 2014.
  • This is an initial look at the surveys, with more to follow
  • Top fish, walleyes and crappies….and Musky’s rose up in the survey
  • In general, motor trolling has no impacted the ability of others to enjoy the water
  • Water Level is a significant concern
  • Never/rarely use the water for sailing and wave boarding
  • Desire to maintain the ‘wild look’ and maintain earth tones for color and minimal lighting
  • Continue to support and increase support of DNR relationship
  • 78% responded affirmative that the Association is meeting expectations

Questions:  When will the Board see the results of the survey? How does the results get back to the members? We can put the results on our Webpage.

  • We have 19 survey respondents that would like to be more involved in the Board or Committees

Many Thanks to Jeff Wilson, Terri Daulton and Joanna Vodicka for working with Amy on developing and refining the Member Survey.

3a. Presentation

By Beth Fiend

  • February 2022- Master Plan Overview Kick Off
  • Don’t currently have a date for when the Overview will be available for Public review and feedback
  • Stakeholders meeting in February 2022- would like to have and coordinate 2 meetings each year to talk more frequently about water level
  • This we got all docks in 2 days before the fishing opener due to late Ice Out.
  • Aim to take out docks by Columbus Day each year
  • We have seen a 30% increase in site occupation due to Covid from Memorial Day to Labor Day


  • Campsite F-12 received a grant and will reopen around Mid-July
  • Ramp at Murray’s Landing is being bandaided and signed as “Quiet Area”
  • Toilet replacement at campsites is taking place over the course of several year. Will be replacing the wooden boxes with fiberglass units
  • Picnic tables will begin to be replaced by metal frames and treated wood
  • Winter Project on Erosion Control and measuring and defining what is happening.
  • We have a new DNR warden starting in October
  • Volunteers- there is a volunteer page on the DNR website, and we will be looking for a “volunteer naturalist”. This is someone that Beth would work with
  • Adopt a Trail or Adopt a Boat Landing program
  • There are currently two “Campsite Steward Volunteers” that cover 6 sites, and we could use more volunteers
  • Currently rallying to have NR45 code plan change to create some campsites that you have to register for on the Flowage
  • Question- In regards to the Master Plan, how does the Feedback and response process work? Answer: There will be multiple “Public Input” sessions available.

Break at 11:08

Returned at 11:16

  1. Updates on Current and New Activities
  • President’s Report- Randy Schubert.

>Excited about the survey and improving our organization

>Zoning issue in February that was not approved was acted on quickly and the feedback was 100% in support of not approving the proposal

>The stakeholders meeting in February was excellent

  • Water Level- Tom Mowbray. Water level report is available on the back table. The beginning of this year has been good. Refill requirements in the Spring have been met. Last summer starting in Mid-July we had very little precipitation- approximately 25% of normal, and that persisted for 3 months or more that led to the much lower than desired water levels
  • Fish Management- Jim Kohl. There is a strong National Movement to “Keep Strong Walleye Populations”. 2,283 walleyes were speared on the TFF, and 81 walleyes on Trude Lake. We are anticipating and supporting a change in the minimum Musky size to 50 inches. Walleyes are still the number one fish in the Flowage, and the most targeted species. This year is expected to be the finest Bluegill fishing on the Flowage.
  • Water Quality- Todd Jirous. We’re back on track this year monitoring and taking water samples in seven locations on the Flowage. Water sampling was suspended last summer due to testing resources needed for other efforts related to COVID. We could use one more volunteer to monitor the sampling site at Murray’s Landing
  • Invasive Species- Todd Jirous. Two significant topics: 1) Curly Leaf Pondweed (CLP) on Rick Lake, 2) Purple Loosestrife (PLS) on the Flowage. The TFF-TL Lakes has committed resources to fighting CLP on Rice Lake. Bob and Team on Rice Lake are doing wonderful work to help contain CLP, and we need to support that effort through our Time (volunteer effort), and Treasure (monitary support). Every effort that we can make to contain CLP, will help to control CLP from entering the Flowage, as we are all part of the same watershed. On the PLS front we are continuing to contain the AIS, and working to reduce PLS locations, and we can use more volunteers to help in the effort to locate thare plants, and to pull the Invasive.
  • Membership Committee- Mary Kohl. 171 current members, with 23 new members since January 2022. Renewal forms will be going out shortly, and we have new renewal forms to watch for.
  • Education/Committees- Jean Burns.

The new Driftwood Newsletter will be in mailboxes soon.

  1. Thank you from Randy Schubert for everything that our Association and members have achieved over the last year 
  2. Adjournment. Moved, seconded and approved at 12:11 pm.

Respectfully submitted by

Todd Jirous