Minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting June 24, 2023

  1. Preliminaries
  • Call to Order: Randy Schubert, President, at 10:05 AM
  • Attendance: Board:  Randy Schubert, Roger Nelson, Jeff Malison and Todd Jirous. Directors:  Jean Burns, Terry Daulton, Jim Kohl, Randy Payne, Jeff Wilson and Joanna Vodicka via Zoom

Members and guests:  Mary Kohl, Becky Jirous, Leann Malison, Harold Clark III, Janet Clark, Marty Burns, Maryann Brown, Sue Payne , Anne McComas, Jeff Wilson, Kal Patzer, Joyce Patzer, Robert Melvold, Jake Melvold, Mary Nelson, Jim Solberg, Tom Mobray, Kurt Wolff, Sarah Wolff, Mike Meyer, Beth Meyer, Bill Steward, Sally Steward, Brian Gantner, Sue Gantner, Deana Byrnes, Mike Hittle, Marcia Hittle, Diane O’Kronley and Jacob Utrie

A quorum was present.

  • Members and Board members introduced themselves.
  • Minutes of the June 18, 2022 Annual Meeting were approved without correction. These minutes will be filed and posted on the website.
  • Treasurer’s Report was presented by Roger Nelson. We finished the year in a more positive position than we began. In March of this year we purchased two CD’s to generate a better return on our Funds. The full report with itemized expenses will be posted on the website and filed with the minutes of this meeting. A move to accept the Treasurer’s report was made and seconded. The Treasurer’s report was approved without correction.
  1. Elections: the following positions are open for election: The board presented a slate to fill these positions as follows:

Treasurer:  The Board nominated Roger Nelson, and there were no other nominations, so Roger is re-elected

Secretary:  The Board nominated Todd Jirous and there were no other nominations, so Todd is re-elected

Director:  Jeff Wilson is elected for a two-year term

Director:  Joanna Vodicka is elected for a two-year term

  1. Presentation

By Jeff Wilson presenting on three books of interest to our area

  • The Accidental Jewel by our friend & neighbor Mike Hittle
  • Loon Lessons by James D. Paruk
  • Wrong Tree by our very own, Jeff Wilson.
  1. Updates on Current and New Activities
  • Highlights from the President, Randy Shubert include:
  • Jim and Mary Kohl being involved in the Sturgeon Watch this Spring
  • Curly Leaf Pondweed (CLP) pull and the need for volunteers
  • Fish Committee is engaged with local fish manager, Zach Lawson and the DNR
  • Stakeholders meeting this last Spring
  • Involved in the future management and plan for the TFF area
  • Water level update from Tom Mobray
  • 22-23 water levels were within 6-9” of year prior
  • This year has started out wet, and June has been very dry so far.
  • Work was done on the Rest Lake dam and completed 2-3 weeks ago, so now Rest Lake will be filled, needing to come up four feet or so, which is all water that won’t come into the Flowage to maintain water levels on the TFF
  • Fish Management update by Jim Kohl
  • Primary fish management is for walleyes. This year’s opener was one of the best in recent history
  • There is a great report available from the DNR, and the link to the report is: gov/topic/fishing/outreach/walleyeplan.html
  • We’re seeing a negative impact of the Bluegill population on the Walleye population. Perch and Crappies are stable, and Small Mouth are still strong and gradually increasing in size
  • Musky population is stable, there’s more pressure and less available to stock, and anticipating a 50” minimum size limit on the Flowage
  • There is a project running through the Trout Lake station, called “Walleye Bright Spots”, and McDermott is one of the study lakes.
  • Erosion is always a concern, and becoming more so now as it is having a negative impact on spawning locations
  • Water Quality update by Todd Jirous
  • Todd introduced those present that are involved in, past and present water sampling: Mike and Beth Meyer, Bill and Sandy Steward, Jim and Mary Kohl, Diane O’Krongly, RB and Jake Melvold, and Jean Burns
  • Invasives update by Randy Payne
  • Purple Loosestrife (PLS) is just around the corner. Last year we had good coverage…surveying 70% of the Flowage. Seeking feedback on what you think about doing an “Adopt an Area”, that you would do each year….it seems to be working well on the Chippewa Flowage
  • Curly Leaf Pondweed (CLP) is established in our watershed. It is VERY thick in Rice Lake. The East Bay on Rice Lake is choked with it.
  • The Great Weedpull harvested 30 tons of CLP on Rice Lake this year
  • Downstream from Rice Lake, CLP is starting to have some plants established in the Turtle River and Pike Lake.
  • If you can volunteer to pull, please email: TurtleRiverVolunteers@Gmail.com
  • There is now a “Point Intercept” on Lake of the Falls and Zach Wilson is the contact
  • Membership Committee update by Mary Kohl
  • 182 Member renewal requests went out 6/13
  • 41% of our paying members contribute to Special Projects
  • Mary will be resigning at the end of her term for anyone that is interested
  • Roughly 25% of our members don’t respond on the first mailing
  • About 50% pay via Pay Pal, and 50% via check
  • The Followers that we have on Facebook, can we encourage them to be “Special Members”?
  • Sue Payne- please involve Sue and send Information for Sue to post
  • Communication Committee update by Jean Burns
  • Jean has brought several extra copies of the “Driftwood” for folks to share with their new neighbors. The Driftwood is in the mail and should be arriving to members in the next day or two
  • Terri D is stepping down as the Chair of the Committee, and Mary K. is joining the committee…we could still use a few new people on the committee
  • It would be good if there is someone else that the Facebook maintenance could be shared with, as Sue is doing all of it now
  • Survey Update by Joanna Vodicka
  • Using the survey to help educate our members through topics in the “Driftwood”
  • There will be an “Adventure Tour” sometime in July by Jeff and Terri, using Jim’s Pontoon. If there is enough interest, Randy S. has a pontoon as well. The time is 9am until on noon on July 22. The sign up information is in the Driftwood
  • New Business
  • Our 100th Anniversary of the Turtle Flambeau Flowage is just a couple years away…thoughts?
  • Again, we need Committee Members and volunteers to participate. The Opportunities are many for a variety of skills and interest…please consider what you can do.
  • Motion made to adjourn, seconded and approved at 11:56 am.

Respectfully submitted by

Todd Jirous