Our association held its annual member meeting this past Saturday June 24, and a variety of our activities were discussed. One thing that became apparent is that a number of our current volunteers will be “passing the torch” in the upcoming year. And others could simply use some additional help. Serving on the Board of Directors, or working on our various committees, has become much easier in recent years. Board and committee meetings are now typically done via Zoom, and therefore most of the work can be done at home without the need to travel to an in-person meeting.

At least 2 Board members will be stepping down from the Board in June, 2024, after many years of service. These members will need to be replaced. One of these Board members currently manages our web page, and the other works on our education committee, primarily on our bi-annual newsletter. We will be needing help in both of these areas soon. The editor of our newsletter will be stepping down, and we need a replacement there. The chair of our Education committee would also like to step down soon, and is looking for her replacement. A primary task for the new Education Committee chair will be to organize regular committee meetings (these meetings could be on Zoom, and would include the members who work on our newsletter, web page and facebook page). And finally, we currently have only one person that runs our Facebook page, and that person could really use some help.

With that said, if any members are interested in helping out our association in continuing to provide these services, please drop an e-mail to