Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 30, 2019

October 24, 2018 6:30 at Subway in Mercer, WI.

Minutes 1.0

6:05 PM  Call to Order:  Jeff Malison, VP (Randy Schubert arrived late)

Present:  Randy Schubert, President; Jeff Malison, Vice-President, Tom Mowbray, Treasurer, Bill Stewart, Secretary; Directors:  Jim Moore, Jean Burns, Ed Hryciuk

Absent:  Directors: Diane O’Krongly, Jim Kohl

Guests:  Terry Daulton and Jeff Wilson

Minutes: Bill Stewart presented the Minutes of the October 24, 2018 meeting. They were approved as presented

Treasurer’s Report:  Tom Mowbray presented the treasurer’s report.  It is on file with the minutes. As of 5/30/19 we have $9511.33 in the General fund and $2451.75 in the Fish Habitat Fund. Total:  $11,963.08.  After discussion of whether or not the Fish Habitat fund was restricted, the board determined that the fund could be used on related items such as water quality sampling when the board agreed that a particular need was appropriately related to the purpose of the fund.  The report was approved as presented.

Correspondence: Jim Moore attended the Stakeholder’s Meeting with others. A summary will be in Driftwood which will be published soon.


WATER Level: Jim Moore reported: Winter drawdown never reached the 4 foot level.  With the heavy snow and spring rains the level required in the MOU was reached before ice out. On April 23 the Flowage was above full pool for the first time in recent memory.  (1572.04) and the discharge rate at the dam reached 4300 CFS on April 26.  (Also a new high)

On April 27 there was a DNR meeting regarding revision of the MOU for the Rest Lake Dam.  The current MOU expires in 2020

The DNR noted that ground water was as high as it has ever been.

John Hanson, Town Chairman for Manitowish Waters noted that in condition of severe drought it could be appropriate for water from the Manitowish Chain to be shared downstream. A measurement tool for determining drought conditions would need to be selected. We discussed the value of including the entire watershed when determining drought conditions.

Jim Moore will be turning the chairmanship of this committee over to Ed Hrycuik

 Fish Management Committee:  Jeff Malison reported in Jim Kohl’s absence.

New Walleye regulation for the Flowage is progressing well and should be in place by 2020.

There is sufficient evidence of natural Muskie reproduction that the number of fishes stocked will be reduced.

A panfish survey is planned.

We discussed the planned move of the DNR Fishing crew from Mercer to Ashland. Jeff Wilson presented a letter he wished to write to the editors of Driftwood and asked for the Board’s thoughts since the move of this personnel group to Ashland does not seem to him that it takes into the account the locations where most of their work is done and the distance from Ashland to the Mercer Area.  After discussion that concerned the sensitivity of the issue and our approach to it, Tom Mowbray moved:  The Board of the TTF-TL POA draft a letter to the appropriate Wisconsin DNR person addressing the issues in Jeff’s letter as they pertain to the role of the Flowage Association and the fishery of the Flowage.

Bill Stewart Seconded.  The board approved unanimously.

If needed, there can be some discussion at our annual meeting.

Invasive Species Committee:  No report

Water Quality Committee   No report. All positions are staffed.  The Meyers may be getting ready to step down from this responsibility.  We will ask for members to let us know if they are interested in filling the position.

It was mentioned that there are grants that could be used to fund some of the locations we now fund.  Applications for them are usually processed in the January and February.  This needs to be on the agenda of our October meeting.

Communication and Education Committee:  Jeff Malison mentioned the need for more input in terms of topics and photos.  HE specifically asked that we pick up local calendars such as “Science on Tap” and send them to him.  Our Facebook page has a regular following and includes some non-members of our Association.

Membership Committee:  Tom Mowbray noted that this is really a separate function from the Treasurer and we need someone to fill this responsibility.  He also noted that he will continue as Treasurer for one more term and then will step down. The Board needs to be looking for a candidate for this position.

Election 2019:  Jim Moore will be leaving the board and Bill Stewart will not continue as Secretary.  Mike Hittle has agreed to be a candidate for a Director position but not an officer.  Randy Schubert will contact people we identified as possible interest and available for open positions.  The board feels that committee Chairs should be Board Members as much as possible.

Annual Meeting  June 22:  The Great Northern  is reserved for the meeting.  We will seek a source for coffee and other refreshments. A Draft Agenda was presented for discussion.

New Business: 

The Justin Donner Fisheree is seeking broader support for its leadership and volunteer support and has asked us and the Business Association if there is interest in partnering.  The Board felt that we would ask for interest at the Annual Meeting before responding.

Tom Mowbray presented that there was grumbling about the late date at which the DNR put the docks in at the Flowage Landings.  The new practice of removing the docks for winter and installing them in the spring inconvenienced many people fishing on opening day and property owners who like to launch boats before fishing begins.

Adjourned 7:54


Bill Stewart