Board of Directors Meeting Minutes December 14, 2023


December 14, 2023­ – 7:00 p.m.  Via Zoom – Courtesy of Terry Daulton

7:05 PM- Call to Order:  Randy Schubert, President

Present:  Randy Schubert, President; Roger Nelson, Treasurer; Todd Jirous, Secretary; Directors: Randy Payne, Jeff Wilson, Terry Daulton and members Jim Moore and Tom Gargrave

Roger summarized the intention of this meeting is to vote on the proposed Bylaw change. A vote does require a minimum of 1/20th of our membership to vote, which would be nine (9) members. We have eight (8) members at this meeting, which means we need to reply on one (1) proxied vote. An email was sent to all members with email addresses, and 14 members were mailed the notice of the December 14th meeting. The email stated the purpose of voting on the proposed bylaw change, and seeking their engagement in the meeting, or having the choice to vote via proxy. Roger received 41 Proxy Votes, all in agreement of the proposed change, and none apposed. Members Jim and Tom were asked if they had any questions regards to the proposal, and they had none.

Let the record show that all eight (8) members at this meeting are in favor of the bylaw changes, and further show that in total 45 favorable votes were cast, and none apposed. Roger will provide Todd with the record of who vote.

Roger has the Draft and will send it to Todd for signing

Randy P. has everything ready to go from a grant request perspective once the bylaws are official.

Roger N. will coordinate getting the New Bylaws on the Website

New Business:

Jeff W.- Have not heard any feedback/results of the Master Plan, and also left a voicemail

Should we ask about where the Plan is at?

On a separate subject, Beth’s Position has not been filled

Jeff will contact Phil in regards to the Master Plan and Beth’s replacement, and then email the group with his findings

Wake Boat Dialog:

>Wisconsin’s Green Fire has hired an Associate to do a literature review on Wake Boats and come up with recommendations, and that White Paper should be available soon (in the several weeks).

>The New Bill that’s proposed is better than the original, but is still not going anywhere at this time

>The second bill still lacks quite a bit of substance

>With a 700’ setback, this would eliminate most of the water within the TFFTL

>Watch for and be attentive to proposals in the “Spring Hearings” regarding Wake Boats

>Recommendation is the review the White Paper once it is out, and then talk about at the next board meeting for next steps

>There was a question with Beth no longer in her role; who would be organizing the Stakeholders Meeting in February

> Randy S. volunteered to reach out to Joe to see if he is coordinating the Stakeholder meeting in February 2024

>There was some dialog on the Deer Harvest being down in Iron County by close to 50%, and down by 25% across the Northern third of the state

>Roger stated that he has not received an Invoice from the “Wisconsin Lakes Association” and is it OK to go ahead and pay our membership fee; which is $2.50 per member. All agree that Roger should go ahead and pay without an invoice.

>Reminder, is anyone interested in attending the Lakes Conference in Stevens Point, April 9,10 and 11

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm

Respectfully submitted

Todd Jirous