Minutes of the Annual membership meeting on June 22, 2019


  • Call to Order: Randy Schubert, President 10:00 AM
  • Attendance: Board:  Randy Schubert, Tom Mowbray, Bill Stewart, Jim Moore, Diane O’Krongly, Ed Hryciuk Absent:  Jeff Malison and Jean Burns
    Members and guests: Mike Myers, Beth Myers, Sally Steward, Deana Byrnes, Jim Kohl, Mary Kohl, Brian Gantner, Sally Stewart, Randy Payne, Sue Payne, Todd Jirous, Becky Jirous, Cathy Jordan, Harold Clark III, Janet Clark, Kurt Wolff, Sarah Wolff, Cathy Jordon, Terry Daulton, Jeff Wilson, Gary Schumacher, Lynn Schumacher and Paul Buethe
    A quorum was present.
  • Members and Board members introduced themselves.
  • Minutes of the June 23, 2018 Annual Meeting were presented by Bill Stewart, Secretary. A move to accept was made and seconded.  The minutes were approved without correction.  These minutes will be filed and posted on the website.
  • Treasurer’s Report was presented by Tom Mowbray, Treasurer. As of June 21 we have $8,837.74 in the general fund and $2,451.75 in the fish Habitat fund for a total balance of $11,289.49.  The full report with itemized expenses will be posted on the website and filed with the minutes of this meeting.  It was noted that our balance is a bit lower than a year ago and that our annual membership drive begins next month.

2.  Elections: the following positions are open for election:  Secretary, Treasurer and 2 Director positions.  The board presented a slate to fill these positions as follows:

Secretary:  Open
Treasurer:  Tom Mowbray
Director:  Mike Hittle
Director:  Ed Hryciuk

Nominations were sought from the floor, and Randy S. nominated Todd J. for the secretary position. Todd was elected as Secretary. Nominations were sought from the floor for the Treasurer and two Director positions.  None were offered.  A move to accept the slate was made, seconded and passed.  All candidates were elected to the position listed above.

3. Presentation

  • Jeff Wilson did a passionate presentation on Ospreys on the Flowage and Trude Lake. He has three decades of experience with Ospreys. Males are generally 2.5lbs, Females are 4 lbs. The nest size is 2-3 eggs. Our birds migrate to Cuba and beyond. The birds “marry up” down South, and then return together to the Males area of origination after two years. Ospreys only eat LIVE fish, love the heat, and will only nest at the very top of the tallest tree, or highest point around without any canopy. Habit has changed greatly in the last 20 years, and the birds are sensitive to DDT. Statewide, there are 400 breeding pairs, and 4 pairs currently on the Flowage, which is down from 22 pairs in the 90’s. The increase of Eagles on the Flowage, and the proximity of nesting Eagles to Ospreys has changed the dynamics and success of breeding Osprey. Ducks and Loons will generally nest near Osprey, and stay away from nesting Eagles. Eagles migrate back North first, and get the first pick of nesting areas…the Osprey are generally 3 weeks later, and by the time the Osprey most need to feed, fish have already moved to deeper water in the July/August timeframe.

4. Updates on Current and New Activities

  • Presidents Report- Randy Schubert. There was a stakeholders meeting for the Flowage and all those downstream. Looks like the group has a forum.
  • ATV Trail has had good involvement from the Lake Property Owners’, and has leveled off and will continue to be monitored.
  • Water Level- Jim Moore. No worries at the current time. Graphs are on the website. The water table is as high as he’s ever seen it. We were present at the Rest Lake Dam working group. Winter draw down has never been lower than 4 feet. 1572.0 is full pool. Spring water level must be 1571.5 or more by April 20, or within one week of ice out. Water level right now is 1571.44. We exceeded full pool for one day in late April. One question: How much water can the Flowage actually hold without flooding? The current dike, with the modification to Turtle Dam road, is designed to handle the “1000 year flood”. Excel Energy is very proactive in managing the water level now, and did try to determine how much water can be held, but there were so many variables involved that it was just about impossible to get anything reasonably accurate. Winter draw down has never reached 8 feet, but there has been some discussion about doing this occasionally in order to manage the weed growth….but this does have an impact on the “Spring Refill”, and it impacts non-fish species as well, so more discussion needs to take place.
  • Fish Management- Jim Kohl. Zach Lawson works both Iron and Ashland Counties. Spearing numbers on the Flowage: 3,437 Walleyes, 1 Pike and 2 Musky’s. Trude Lake:  200 Walleyes. 2018 Walleye year class is excellent, and above 10 year average. We think that this year will be excellent as well. We’re anticipating an improvement to the Walleye population with the upcoming changes to the regulations….it looks like the bag limit will be three walleyes, with a 12 inch minimum, and one fish over 15 inches. Musky research indicates that stocking numbers may be reduced due to the natural reproduction being 17%. Smallmouth study is in the works, and first study should be this month. Perch and Bluegills are plentiful. Several groups are concerned about the fishery staff heading to Ashland.
  • Water Quality- Mike and Beth Meyer. This is a cooperative effort with the DNR, Iron County and 18 volunteers monitoring 7 locations on the Flowage. Data is entered into the SWIM database, and anyone can access it to view the data. Data has been gathered for about 20 years. Each site is unique and responds differently to the weather and events. The Flowage seems quite resilient year to year. Currently all sites are within their parameters.
  • Invasive Species- Randy Payne. Last year was the first time that we had a “Full Survey” completed. We do need more volunteers to help with surveying, and during the “workday” to remove Purple Loosestrife. Most P/S is in areas 5 & 6…maybe 90% of it. Boney’s Mound area seems to be expanding…could it be coming from Grant Lake? Jeff Wilson is quite certain that it’s not coming from Grant Lake or Grant Creek area. The next Survey will be in Late July. Randy will be sending out a notice shortly for volunteers to sign up for areas. Can we get a “U-Tube” for how to dig up/ properly remove Purple Loosestrife? Jeff Wilson volunteered to chase down the “right person” to put together a short “U-Tube” for volunteers so that they can remove plants during the survey…while still continuing to report the location of plants for tracking purposes. Thank you Jeff!
  • Education/Committees
    • Terry Daulton- Newsletter is being printed and will be out soon. Previous Newsletters are on the Website.
    • Sue Payne- Facebook- we have 105 followers. Sue is always looking for stuff to post to Facebook…please send anything of interest to her. Jeff Robl is very active and shares posts on his fishing guide activity….perhaps we should contact him and link his page?
    • Randy Schubert- Was approached by the Business Association to Partner with them and support/volunteer to continue the Justin Donner Fisheree as the current group is looking to retire from Fisheree. There were questions as to the scope of work, ticket sales, work the day of, and solicit/get prizes? Or are we just looking to offer our communication tools in support? Randy asked for a show of hands of who would volunteer…there was one volunteer.
    • Tom Mobray– Docks were in late at the boat landings this Spring…very late. Boaters were inconvenienced after ice out. This should be addressed to the new Flowage Manager and others. Can we write a very nice letter to the DNR stating that the public landing docks must be in by Opening day of fishing?
    • Diane O’Krogly-has some pamphlets if members are interested.
    • Jim Morrison– Ed Hryciuk is the new Water Committee Chair.
  • Applause for outgoing Board Members!

5.  Open floor discussion  no additional topics were opened.

6.  Adjournment.  Moved seconded and approved at 11:45 am.