Association Projects

Current Projects

  • Annual monitoring of invasive species and purple loosestrife
  • Working with DNR and Xcel Energy to make sure water levels remain reasonable throughout the open water season
  • Our newsletter, Driftwood
  • Provide feedback and assistance to DNR on fish management.
  • Conduct monthly water quality sampling during spring-fall.
  • Ongoing advocacy with governmental bodies on multiple issues in order to fulfill our mission statement

Past Projects

  • Membership Signs - Many of the members of the TFF-TLPOA are proudly displaying the new member signs along with their fire numbers.   If you haven’t yet requested your member sign please contact us on the website under About Us, go to Board of Directors and request a sign through one of the directors.  Also, if you haven’t joined the Property Owners Association or need to renew your membership you can do so on the website under Join/Renew
  • Assisted the DNR with walleye and bass diet studies
  • Built and installed over 400 fish cribs
  • Developed signage for the new bass regulations for 2016
  • Conducted a water quality study with the US Geological Survey
  • Conducted education at boat landings at fishing openers
  • Walleye Watch conservation program
  • Assisted with Natural Resources Foundation TFF Tours
  • Public policy analysis and comment on motor trolling, fisheries, water level
  • Conducted periodic surveys of members’ interests, concerns, and opinions
  • Helped secure uniform ordinances on PWC use on flowage
  • Supported the construction of osprey nesting platforms
  • Conducted a pilot inventory of aquatic vegetation
  • Successfully challenged Xcel Energy’s mismanagement of water levels resulting in a return to compliance with the MOU