Association Projects

Current Projects

  • Annual monitoring of invasive species and purple loosestrife
  • Working with DNR and Xcel Energy to make sure water levels remain reasonable throughout the open water season
  • Our newsletter, Driftwood
  • Provide feedback and assistance to DNR on fish management.
  • Conduct monthly water quality sampling during spring-fall.
  • Ongoing advocacy with governmental bodies on multiple issues in order to fulfill our mission statement

Past Projects

  • Assisted the DNR with walleye and bass diet studies
  • Built and installed over 400 fish cribs
  • Developed signage for the new bass regulations for 2016
  • Conducted a water quality study with the US Geological Survey
  • Conducted education at boat landings at fishing openers
  • Walleye Watch conservation program
  • Assisted with Natural Resources Foundation TFF Tours
  • Public policy analysis and comment on motor trolling, fisheries, water level
  • Conducted periodic surveys of members’ interests, concerns, and opinions
  • Helped secure uniform ordinances on PWC use on flowage
  • Supported the construction of osprey nesting platforms
  • Conducted a pilot inventory of aquatic vegetation
  • Successfully challenged Xcel Energy’s mismanagement of water levels resulting in a return to compliance with the MOU